The 1980s Tallahassee punk flyer archive

The 1980s Tallahassee punk flyer archive is an ongoing effort to catalog and preserve 1980s-era Tallahassee gig flyers. A number of improvements have been made to the archive which will be detailed in this blog post. The flyer archive now consists of two distinct entities: the online digital archive , a growing collection of images currently representing 285 unique flyers (ed. note: 431 as of November 2020) ; and a hard copy archive which will be placed into a local institution to preserve our shared history. Quick links: The 1980s Tallahassee punk flyer archive of digital images The 1980s Tallahassee punk flyer archive master spreadsheet Digital archive: The digital archive may be viewed here . This archive is now much better organized than it had been previously. The file names have been updated such that every flyer in the digital archive is in date order. The file names now also include the band/artist names and venue for easy reference. The earliest flyers in the arc

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